New Ad Limiter version 2.4.1

December 11th, 2016

Ad Limiter 2.4.1 is now available. This new version is much more effective at dealing with Google’s wall of ads on certain search results. Search for “credit card” with Google, and you’ll see nothing but Google ads, some from rather sketchy businesses. Install Ad Limiter, and you’ll only see one ad, followed by real search results.

Especially effective for Firefox on mobile, where your whole phone screen is often ads when you search.

New Ad Limiter version 2.2

July 6th, 2015

Ad Limiter 2.2 is now available. Yahoo search results will again be rated, now that Ad Limiter understands a change in Yahoo links. Google search results will now be rated for countries where Google redirects “” to country-specific sites. Blekko support has been removed, due to the demise of the Blekko search engine.

Recent changes

May 31st, 2015

We’ve been upgrading the SiteTruth system. Recent changes include:

  • All our add-ons for Firefox are now signed by the Mozilla Foundation. This will soon get rid of the phony add-ons using our add-on ID.
  • The new US business database has been loaded and indexed. Business recognition has improved.
  • Address parsing has improved. We now recognize about 95% of US mail addresses.

Phony version of Ad Limiter

April 9th, 2015

There is a phony version of Ad Limiter for Firefox being distributed. The only valid source for Ad Limiter for Firefox is “”. If your add-on came from some other source, it is probably fake. Our own sites,, and “” redirect you to that link if you’re using Firefox. (Google Chrome users are sent to the Google Chrome store. This attack does not seem to affect them.)

The current version of Ad Limiter is 2.0. Phony versions have strange version numbers, such as “1009.99.597”. If you’re using Ad Limiter on Firefox, and the version isn’t 2.0, please remove it, then reload it directly from the Mozilla Add-Ons site using the link above.

If you have been affected in any way by this problem, please contact us at We would like to hear from you.

Data upgrade in progress – slow response

April 4th, 2015

SiteTruth is loading a new database of 20 million US businesses.  During the database upload, rating of new sites is very slow.  Normal operation should resume by the morning of April 5.  Rating quality will improve later in the month.

Software upgrade

March 30th, 2015

The SiteTruth system has just been upgraded to Python 3. There was a brief outage between 1145 and 1200 PDT. This is in preparation for changes which will result in more accurate business identification.

SiteTruth is now available on Android

March 1st, 2015

Now, you can enjoy a cleaner, less ad-cluttered experience on mobile. SiteTruth’s Ad Limiter now works on Firefox for Android.

Click here to get Ad Limiter from the Mozilla Firefox store. It’s free.

Improvements to ratings

November 16th, 2014

We’re refreshing SiteTruth. Over the next months, our results will become more accurate.

  • We now recognize and check Better Business Bureau seals from more BBB regions. Due to some changes at BBB, we were not recognizing some major markets, including New York City. That’s fixed. Sites with a BBB rating of B or better will get a green checkmark. Sites with a BBB rating of C or worse will get a red do-not-enter icon. Fake seals will negatively affect ratings.
  • SiteTruth now recognizes major Internet content delivery and network management systems, notably Cloudflare and Impervia. Previously, we were identifying some sites hosted through those services as being those services. Many sites were mis-located as being at Cloudflare’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco. That’s fixed. More technical details are in our paper “Who am I talking to?”

More to come.

SiteTruth API now FCGI only.

September 24th, 2014

The  SiteTruth API for developers is now FCGI only. The long-obsolete CGI interface has been deleted. Users of the API should update their REST URLs.

Over 4,000,000 site ratings

September 21st, 2013

The SiteTruth system has rated new web sites over 4,000,000 times.  Users with our Ad Limiter and Ad Rater plug-ins drive the rating system, so each of those ratings is for a site that someone saw in a search result or an ad. Once a site has been rated by request, the rating is good for a month.  This is a count of sites rated or re-rated, not requests to SiteTruth. (That number is much higher.)

Rating number 4,000,000 is for Hardisty’s Homewares in Santa Rosa, California.