Press coverage of web spam and Google

Web search spam is now a public issue. Coverage has moved from Search Engine Watch to TechDirt to the New York Observer to the Atlantic to the New York Times. Google’s decline in search quality is now widely recognized. The popular press has difficulty pinpointing the problem. The unhappiness of users, even if not clearly expressed, comes through clearly.

We, of course, can fix this. That’s what SiteTruth is all about. Find the business behind the web site, use automated due diligence to rate that business based on hard information about the business, and use that rating to move the less legitimate businesses down in search results. We use information obtained from reliable sources such as corporate registrations, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Dun and Bradstreet, and the Better Business Bureau. Those sources are difficult to spam. That’s our patented technology.

Our position is clear: if a web site is selling something, which includes sites with advertising, the legitimacy of the business behind the web site matters.

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