Active phishing scams exploiting major domains

After we discovered that a few major domains were being exploited by phishing scams, we added a new feature to SiteTruth – a continuously updated list of problem domains:

List of major domains being exploited by phishing scams

Each domain listed here is a well known domain in the Open Directory providing, perhaps unwittingly, a service for a phishing scam reported to PhishTank. The service provided may be hosting, URL redirection, or Internet connectivity. The owners of the domains listed are generally innocent of direct involvement with the scam. Domains listed typically have a security vulnerability which is being exploited.

There are only 164 such domains today. It’s not a problem that can’t be fixed, and it’s not a problem common to most web sites. A few major sites just need to clean up their act.

Domains on this list are down-rated by SiteTruth.

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