Who’s behind that ad? Announcing AdRater

Building facadeToday, SiteTruth introduces AdRater, an entirely new class of tool for consumers. AdRater looks at the ads on each page you visit and rates the advertiser. SiteTruth rating icons appear next to most text ads. Click on any rating icon to get the dirt on who’s behind the ad. Know who you’re dealing with before you click on the ad.

AdRater is free. No strings attached.

This is an alpha test; any problems, please report them here, on this blog.

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  1. admin says:

    Comments on AdRater? Complaints? Bugs? Tell us here.

  2. admin says:

    New version 0.8 was released December 18, 2008. The only change is to add “doubleclick.net” to the list of sites which serve Google AdWords. Google has now folded the DoubleClick system into their own AdWords system, and DoubleClick’s own system appears to have been phased out.

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