SiteTruth outage was down for two hours this morning due to a power outage at Codero’s Phoenix, AZ data center. According to Codero:

At approximately 8:00AM Central Time, utility power to our Phoenix data center and the surrounding area was cut. The City of Phoenix has not yet informed us of what caused this issue. Upon failure of utility power, backup generator fired-up as designed but the switching gear failed to transfer load to the backup power. Codero staff immediately contacted all of our power vendors as well as building maintenance since the transfer gear and generator are not owned by Codero and are out of our physical control. Unfortunately, the electrical group which could manually transfer the load did not arrive before our UPS and battery loads diminished, and electrical service shutdown.

Upon arriving, faulty breakers had to be replaced before they were able to transfer the load to the backup power source. Shortly after this transfer, utility power was restored, and the PHX data center is currently back on utility power.

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