Report on Google AdSense ads

Report on AdSense advertising domains for the 60 day period beginning 2011-02-09.

Site ownership verified.

  Normal:           1055   9.3%
  Blocked:            16   0.1%
  Non Commercial:    242   2.1%
TOTAL:              1313  11.6%

Site ownership identified but not verified.

Normal:             2741  24.1%
Blocked:               9   0.1%
No Location:         506   4.5%
Non Commercial:      229   2.0%
TOTAL:              3485  30.7%

Not rated.

No Website:          254   2.2%
Non Commercial:     2194  19.3%
TOTAL:              2448  21.6%

Site ownership unknown or questionable.

Blocked:              67   0.6%
Negative Info:         6   0.1%
No Location:        4036  35.5%
TOTAL:              4109  36.2%

Total advertised domains reported: 11355

SiteTruth collects data on Google AdSense ads, and measures the quality of the advertisers using SiteTruth’s usual methods. This data is collected by our AdRater browser plug-in, which rates ads as they appear. We use this data to monitor advertiser, not user, behavior.  Above are the results for a recent 60-day period. There is an English-language bias to this data, as our plug-in is offered only in English.

We saw 11355 different domains promoted via AdSense ads. These are the domains linked to by the ads, not the domain on which the ad appeared.

12% of sites get our highest rating, down from 14% in 2008.  36% of the ads rate our “site unknown or questionable” rating. This percentage has held constant since we first did this analysis in 2008.  21% of sites are not rated. These are typically blogs, or sites where we don’t see commercial activity or ads.  This is twice what we saw three years ago.

Entries marked “No Website” reflect domains that no longer have live web sites. There’s a considerable amount of churn in AdSense web sites. Less than a third of the web sites we’ve ever seen referenced in an AdSense ad are still live today.

“Blocked” sites are those with “robots.txt” files which forbid us from examining their contents. These are quite rare.

In summary, the nature of the Google AdSense customer base has not changed much in recent years.

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