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Improvements to ratings

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

We’re refreshing SiteTruth. Over the next months, our results will become more accurate.

  • We now recognize and check Better Business Bureau seals from more BBB regions. Due to some changes at BBB, we were not recognizing some major markets, including New York City. That’s fixed. Sites with a BBB rating of B or better will get a green checkmark. Sites with a BBB rating of C or worse will get a red do-not-enter icon. Fake seals will negatively affect ratings.
  • SiteTruth now recognizes major Internet content delivery and network management systems, notably Cloudflare and Impervia. Previously, we were identifying some sites hosted through those services as being those services. Many sites were mis-located as being at Cloudflare’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco. That’s fixed. More technical details are in our paper “Who am I talking to?”

More to come.